Our Mission

Jambo supports and promotes cultural integration and social inclusion through sport
In other words, the purpose of the event is to empower the promotion of cultural diversity “gather the community” through the provision of Kidz Soccer Festival so that people from different background (culture, tribe, ethnic and country) can interact, enjoy, entertain, celebrate and break the barrier of racism among our children.

The main aims of Jambo are:

  1. To present sporting and cultural events that bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds
  2. To promote a positive attitude towards people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds
  3. To encourage our children to participate in sport activities and gain all its advantages
  4. To encourage government agencies and national sports bodies to adopt anti-racism measures and inclusion of policies and practices
  5. To increase the awareness and understanding of other cultures
  6. To celebrate the country’s cultural diversity through raising the profile of ethnic groups
  7. To give an opportunity for ethnic groups to mix and share aspects of their culture
  8. To work with local sports clubs encouraging them to provide a level playing field for all people regardless of color, religion or any other form of discrimination
  9. Fun and Celebrate Jambo’s Day
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